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AMEx prolific collaboration with German rad. Data Spectral Analytics UG

Salta Capital, Salta Province– Jul 21, 2021 – Andes Mineral Exploration S.A. (“AMEx” or the “Company”), a Salta-based prospect generator and exploration company in the Altiplano Puna Plateau, is pleased to provide an update on German rad.Data. Spectral Analytics UG comparative analysis used for mineral targeting at La Cruzada.

Figure 1: Spectral comparison of Taca Taca and La Cruzada returning two favourable exploration targets.

Rad.Data defines “two clearly defined target areas mapped as “epidote + chlorite” and establishes similar spectral patterns on La Cruzada found in Taca-Taca Bajo”. “First of all, we want to thank the rad.Data team for their hands-on contribution in targeting mineral occurrences on La Cruzada based on a collaborative effort. By superposing our previous inhouse spectral analysis with rad.Data refined comparative analysis we are able to narrow down our focus on two distinct exploration targets in an area of 30km² at La Cruzada.”

AMEx believes that the data provided will greatly increase prospecting accuracy and save the valuable resources while lowering the environmental impact eying to possibility to know beforehand where to invest exploration efforts.