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AMEx hires Extremo Norte for expedition to the Laguna Tecar. Recovers visibly mineralized sample.

Salta Capital, Salta Province– June 15, 2021 – Andes Mineral Exploration S.A. (“AMEx” or the “Company”), a Salta-based prospect generator and exploration company focused on the Puna Plateau Prospective Region, is pleased to announce that it has engaged Extremo Norte, a group of professional High-Andes mountaineers based in Salta to conduct the first ever expedition to the La Cruzada property.

La Cruzada is located about 14km SW from the Socompa high mountain International Pass (at 3.900m (12,800ft) above the sea level) on the Argentinian-Chilean border. In this expedition, the property is accessed by foot, and it takes two days using complex high mountain logistic to prospect the lower parts of the Cerro Tecar area.

“AMEx is very excited about the fact that we have proven accessibility despite re-moteness of La Cruzada. While AMEx has been carefully planning the expedition with the experienced team of Extremo Norte. We were continuously monitoring weather conditions for weeks to find the right window, as winter season had already started. Well aware of the risks these type of expeditions can bring without proper preparation beforehand, Extremo Norte did an outstanding job and added substantial value to the campaign by recovering an apparently mineralized sample.”

value to the campaign by recovering an apparently mineralized sample.”
Three samples were recovered with one showing highly visible alteration. The sample will be analyzed, processed and whole sample assayed to delineate mineralization and grades in the coming weeks.