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AMEx’s vision is aligned with the concept of enhancing the material well-being of future generations through the discovery of new mineral resources. Metals such as Cu and Li are in high demand for the new low-carbon era inaugurated in the 21st Century. Our mission is to create synergistic value for share- and stakeholders through mineral discovery while operating responsibly and collaboratively in local communities. We aim to keep our environmental footprint as low as technically possible from the very beginning of the resource lifecycle.

Our most important corporate goal is balancing a healthy budget with sustainable exploration opportunities. Under a responsible fiscal watch, AMEx is committed to adding additional high-quality properties to its portfolio.

We target exploration properties with high potential for Au, Cu and Li discoveries.

We recognise that even small acts can make a positive impact in communities.

Environmental footprint

As a project operator and exploration company we are strongly committed to maintaining negative effects as low as possible. A priori, operational decisions are subject to a thorough evaluation of options that balances the business objectives against the differential environmental impacts. In any case, AMEx uses state-of-the-art exploration tools and technologies and deploys smart data science to inform each step upstream the exploration cycle.


Founder & Managing Director
Simon D. Studer

Mr. Studer is an anthropologist by trade holding a Master in Earth & Energy Resources Leadership from Queen’s University, Canada. He brings relevant experience and sustainable business acumen with a special focus on Latin America to the mining industry. He has served as international consultant for various junior exploration companies in the Americas and Europe, including Noram Lithium Corp. and CDN Maverick Capital Corp. (former Alba Minerals Ltd.). Currently, he serves as Director of the board of Gold Line Resources, an early to advanced-stage gold exploration company focused on Fennoscandia based in Vancouver, Canada (TSX-V: GLDL).

From an investor’s point of view, AMEx’s goal is to incubate investment opportunities based on geological expertise and data science that appeal larger companies and investors.
From business perspective, the company generates cash proceeds from property transactions to acquire core assets and advance them to discovery with low-impact, cost-effective exploration tools.
From a corporate perspective, we are selective for reciprocal value propositions which represent the bottom-line for our stakeholder’s engagement.

AMEx is forming a world-class management and technical team with proven track-records in competitive international business, academic and corporate environments.